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We didn't get to see each other very much in 2020! We'll show you the latest Kubicek news and developments!

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About us

A lot of balloonists have already heard about Kubicek. But do you know what it really means to fly a Kubicek balloon? Let us tell you who we are, show what we do and take you on a virtual tour of our factory!

New Kubicek Balloons in the US sky

In spite of the difficulties brought on by Covid-19, Kubicek made a number of new balloons that now fill the American sky, including these two very special ones.

Polyester fabric

Did you know that Kubicek is the only balloon manufacturer in the world that develops and produces its own fabric? Let us show you how we make our fabric and why Kubicek Polyester is the right choice for your envelope.

Kubicek Prince tank

Do you miss 18-gallon tanks? Not anymore! Introducing the new 19-gallon Kubicek Prince tank. Find out more details and specifications in our FREE webinar or by contacting us.

US services

Afraid to purchase your new balloon from the other side of the planet? Unsure about Kubicek's US service? Check out our comprehensive network of Kubicek US dealers who bring all of our services to your front door. We do the job, you fly the balloon.

New products and our updated FAA certificate

Kubicek is constantly developing and innovating its products. Let us show you what else is new this year!

Featured Presenters

Petr Kubíček

Petr Kubíček

A true balloonist since childhood. Petr Kubíček is a man who hardly believes that there is anyuthing else on the planet other than balloons. Petr is an aeronautic engineer, pilot and instructor with 1800 hrs. flying experience, balloon designer, and board member of Kubicek Balloons and the Czech Balloon Federation with a speciality in “negotiating with aviation authorities of all kinds”. Petr has two kids and with his wife Monika runs a pilot school at old Chateau Radesin.

Petr Kubíček

Tomáš Hora

Another guy who was nursed with ballooning along with milk. Tomáš has been a hot air and gas balloon pilot since 1992 and holds an FAA Commercial pilot license. He also has his European instructor and examiner license (EASA) and is responsible for establishing the International Youth Camp Ballooning in 1996, being held for the 20th time next year. Tomáš is a frequent participant in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta as hot- air and gas balloon pilot, launch director, event director for the Americas challenge and other positions since 1988. He's taken part in six Gordon Bennett races and is the two-time German Gas Balloon Champion Winner of the German Cup (Hot-Air). When he isn't ballooning, Tomáš is a director at Mercedes-Benz Ceska Republika.